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Originally Posted by BudHa View Post
I use a smaller and finer file for removing excess saddle material. I have ruined several saddles by using a file with a coarse profile. I have cut the slots too deeply before by not recognizing how quickly a nut file will go through maple. Saddles and National biscuits are cheap. Have fun working on your guitar.
Thanks! This might sound weird but i actually really did have alot of fun when I was doing it haha!

I actually waisted about 30 minutes on the first slot because I didn't realize the nut files only cut in one direction lol

But everything went smoothly first try

Now Im on my way to pickup a set of 10 different files to trim the excess from the top because from what I've heard its best to have about half the diameter of the wound strings sticking out. Perhaps for sustain? idk why exactly but I'm gunna do it.

And thanks everybody for answering! I really appreciate it!
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