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Default Quick NGD update

This will be short and sweet. I plan to attend the upcoming McJam festivities and afterwards will post an official NGD thread in the General section. I wrote up a detailed NGD and added many pictures, only to have the whole thing deleted when I clicked submit. Next time I'll do my write up on a Word doc and just cut and paste.
Since the McJam is just over two weeks away, I decided to wait until then. I hope to get some video or recordings as well as comments from those who get to play it.
So, I did travel to Morral and pick it up about 12 days ago. It absolutely meets and exceeds my expectations. Tonally, it is loud, sustaining, a very full, thick piano-like quality. Also, it has a remarkable dynamic range. Playability is perfect and as easy to play as any guitar I've played.

Here are a couple more pictures:


2015 Doerr "Signature" Trinity--Cedar/ Master Grade Brazilian
2016 Edwinson EPC Fanfret--Ancient Glacier Sitka Spruce/Rosewood
2016 Hippner "Torres"--German Spruce/Pernambuco
2019 McKnight Lowlander--German Spruce/Pernambuco

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