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Originally Posted by Mandobart View Post
From Google, must be right:
Yeah, right.

Just because it sounds like "a water tree", and it's commonly shown that way in online lyrics, doesn't mean that's what he sang - online sources often copy each other with no checking or quality control. (The fact there is such a thing as "a water tree" doesn't help, because - according to GCWaters reference - they don't grow in the US of A.)

"I wanna treat" - or "I want a treat" - makes a lot more sense in context.

Of course, you can sing "water tree" if you like, but you'd have to be prepared for someone coming up afterwards and asking you what it means. Have a convincing answer ready... ("To treat someone like a water tree is to love them deeply, because a water tree is sturdy and reliable, having grown and survived in a difficult environment..." Some kind of BS like that - which I just made up - might convince the more fake-news-susceptible folk... )
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