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Iím gonna be a bit of a wet blanket. First I think the Martin craftsmanship is great as well as their consistency, I do however believe that the standard martins rely a lot on their name. Sound wise I believe that you cane get just as good or better sound from other brands for the same price. I did play one standard d18 that was truly great but I played several after that was just so so and sounded more on par with $800 China guitars. If u have the time/funds Iíd suggest you look into their higher up guitars. I played one D18 that vibrated the chair I was setting on. I donít remember the model it was it was in the $3k range.
All that being said the D18 in general is a fine guitar that sounds good and maintains a good resell value if that is something u care about. I personally chose a mahogany Gibson j45 over the martin tho thatís why I tend to suggest that folks shop around trying different guitars
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