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Originally Posted by chester0711 View Post
In my discoveries I have realized why the Martin D-18 is so beloved by many (not all, yes i know) and utilized as a benchmark to some degree for the dreadnaught style.

This is the guitar that i have boiled it down to. For me, nothing feels like it and nothing plays like it and i will have one, thank you very much.
Good call! I finally got one a few weeks ago and it's a great guitar.

Originally Posted by JayBee1404 View Post
Bear in mind that you won't get the chance to 'try before you buy', but those 'modern' D-18s are astonishingly consistent - they only seem to build good 'uns!
Agreed on this. I had a crush on the D-18 as soon as they refreshed it in 2012 and played at least a baker's dozen of them over the years. It's a consistently wonderful guitar -- there wasn't one of those D-18s I didn't want to take home.
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