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Default Martin D-18, confused about guitar prices in general

So, as many of you saw in my recent post regarding my Larivee and my discovery that, after 10-11 years with it, I am discovering maybe it isn't the best fit for me. You know that i am now out looking at various guitars (Martin specifically as that was my other choice at the time!)

In my discoveries I have realized why the Martin D-18 is so beloved by many (not all, yes i know) and utilized as a benchmark to some degree for the dreadnaught style.

This is the guitar that i have boiled it down to. For me, nothing feels like it and nothing plays like it and i will have one, thank you very much.

At any rate, I am a little confused in regards to guitar pricing. I know there is a tremendous amount of mark-up in the industry from what is "advertized" as the MSRP (You know, the high number that is always crossed out on the price tag....everywhere) to what the guitar is listed at for sale at that moment.

The new D-18 seems to have a minimum advertised price of $2459 as it seems that is what is shown everywhere. I also understand that is the min advertised price....but what should I be looking to spend on a new D18? like, for real!

Just trying to figure out what is realistic for a new D-18 and what is too high. thanks for any and all help!
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