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Originally Posted by ruger9 View Post
I use Ultex... on this guitar, they are perfect. My Red Bear is a little warmer, and the BC MUCH warmer. The Ultex helps bring out the trebles.

IDK about all coated strings, but I have always heard Elixirs (Nanos) as bright, even when compared to uncoated strings. As I said, I love Elixirs on this guitar, but the slightly higher tension puts me off.
Looks like you have given this a lot of thoughtful experimentation already. I have a Taylor 512 which is cedar and mahogany so I know the tone you are speaking about. I have Martin 80/20 lifespan lights 12-54 on it now, brightened up just a bit. But it is what it is and will never have the bite or punch of my spruce tops.

I am sure you already know this but maybe a really good pro set up will improve playability and allow to use the Elixirs you like. Just a thought
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