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Originally Posted by airborne1 View Post
Very much enjoyed a Washburn, Breedlove, and a couple of Seagulls S6 and an Entourage. Any thoughts/opinions on the above guitars?
I'm thoroughly enjoying my Breedlove. The cedar top doesn't have the type of headroom I'm used to, but it let's me get thumpy without playing loud, and I'm really enjoying that when unplugged. Fun. It's got a heavy build, especially in comparison to my 000-15m, and feels like a brick outhouse when I'm switching back and forth. In terms of bang for the buck, I'm amazed at where $700 will take you with a Breedlove.

I have no complaints with it other than I had to install my own pickguard. Now that I've been through that process, I'm glad to have been able to choose the exact guard I wanted from StewMac, and installation was a lot more simple than I thought it would be.
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