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At some time and place in the future there will be a museum of composite guitars. It seems to me that right now is the perfect time to write that history. And this forum could well be the source of that history.

We have an editor/publisher with solid credits and a keen interest in carbon fiber instruments. We also have an array of makers who could provide their basic time-lines and photos. We also have a number of very literate members capable of bringing to life the origins and characteristics of composite guitars.

Such a history might being with Maccaferri and his plastic guitars that came out in 1953--guitars that were endorsed by the likes of Andres Segovia. And then there are the Danelectro massonite guitars that came out in 1954 (if I remember correctly).

And then there's Rainsong, CA, Emerald and so forth. Plywood guitars would also have a place in any discussion of the development of composite instruments, including cigar box guitars which are generally plywood .

There could also be a wild card category. For example Sea Sick Steve's hubcap guitar, and other guitars made of various metals.

There's a book here, the time is right, and the players and makers on this forum could write it. Just a thought while looking out my window at a cold winter landscape.
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