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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Ok I have a similar situation. I just got a SA220 for one guitar and one mic, which works great. However I want to start hosting open mics and you sometimes get duos or even three musicians. Can someone recommend a small simple mixer to use in conjunction with the SA220 and briefly explain how I would hook it up? I’ve never run anything other than the SA220 before. Do I input everything into the mixer and then all those outputs somehow go into the two SA220 inputs?
I sometimes run my Yamaha MG 10XU into my Fishman SA 330. It's so simple to do. Just make sure that your mixer's pan controls on each channel are straight up. Then run an XLR (mic cable) from either the left or right output of the mixer, into the Monitor In input in back of the unit. It is the only female input in the back, so it's the only place the cable will fit. You control the output of the Fishman with the Monitor in control on the front of the unit. This bypasses the preamps and mixer on the Fishman,, so you treat it like a powered speaker and use your mixer's preamps, EQ, and effects.
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