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Default 2019 Mountain Song Odalisque, Tiger Myrtle/German Moonspruce

This is what itís all about for us: working together with our builders for a guitar that is worthy of a family legacy. Our 2019 Odalisque build with Ken Jones of Mountain Song Repairs (the man behind our repair department) is nothing short of mesmeric. Presentation grade Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle back and sides, master grade German Moonspruce up top, 14 frets to the body and Larry Robinson inlays sprawling across the fingerboard. Ebony bindings exhibit a sinuous Ryan-style arm bevel on the lower bout, and Ken installed a small soundport to the upper bout for added creature comfort.
The tone of this Odalisque is quintessential to Kenís Mountain Song ideal: smooth, velvety trebles balanced by an expansive midrange and clarity and definition in the bass. Note definition is at an absolute maximum; an ideal instrument for DADGAD or Open G, or even further afield. This Mountain Song Odalisque is simply incredible.

"We had the honor of custom building this one. Ken is quite an artist and this one takes its theme from the Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle back and sides." - Paul Heumiller

Price: $13,390

For more information please visit:

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