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Constructed the dust hood for the drum sander. The whole contraption is ugly as heck, but it'll do it's job.

If this gig goes anywhere in the future(some years into the future), I'll probably purchase commercially produced equipment that looks a bit more professional. I'd love to have a house with a bit of property around it so that I can build a detached shop with all the bells and whistles. Integrated dust collection, climate control, the works. But that'll be years into the future.

So next is to begin working on the dust collection piece itself. I'm going to the scrap yard tomorrow to see if they've got any electric motors that will suffice. While I'm there, I'll also try to find a motor for the sander as well. And heck, if they've got them, one for my band saw too. It's only got a half horse motor. Resawing would be a lot easier with a larger motor.

-- Nick
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