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Originally Posted by kwakatak View Post
PS: I have a 9yo son with autism and an intellectual disability. Part of his difficulties include an attention deficit that is caused by a combination of sensory processing difficulties (both internal and external) and a lot of nervous physical energy. Thankfully, his allergies are mostly manageable but I understand second hand the difficulties that such things embody. I commend you for undertaking this project and wish you luck. FWIW I undertook my first build to channel my frustrations and I really threw myself into it, though my life is centered around my children and that has caused me to take many breaks. I hope that you are able to stick with it and avoid any frustration you might encounter.
I can appreciate the difficulties your son goes through, and also your own. My daughter has ADHD(though it sounds like it's not as bad as your son, she can be a handful) and it's been suggested that I have aspergers in addition to the tourettes. And if I do, I would be what is called high functioning, which basically means that I can observe the right way to do things and interact with people and act like I am normal and fit in, but it's mostly an act, learned behaviors that are not my first instinct. I'd much rather just be alone. I never got officially diagnosed, as I don't see a lot of point to it. Regardless of what it's called, my symptoms are what they are and I have to deal with them. Aspergers, autism, tourettes, they are all actually generally considered to be on the autistic spectrum of disorders. If you read through a list of symptoms of any of the three, there's a lot of overlap.

On the up side of neurological disorders... my unique brain issues leave me predisposed to hyper focusing on things. Which basically means that I obsess about things that catch my interest. I'm good at designing and writing software mostly because I did little else for the 3-5 years I was learning about it. It was both my day job and what I did and thought about when I went home at night. Should be an advantage in this pursuit as well. I feel like I'm doing something wrong if a day goes by and I haven't done some work on my guitar. It's one of the first things I think of when I wake up, and one of the last things I think of as I fall asleep.
-- Nick
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