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Originally Posted by mr. beaumont View Post
They're not bad instruments. They can certainly work as an acoustic archtop should...the quality and workmanship on the Godins is just great. Certainly worth checking out.
I'll +1 the above, and add that heavier strings - I'm presently using Martin Monel 13's, and I had 14's on my all-acoustic 5th Avenue for most of its life - make all the difference in the world when it comes to acoustic volume/tone; while they'll never sound like a carved-top Big Band-era comp box I like to think of them as an idealized version of the student/studio 16" archtops of the '40s/50s (Harmony, Kay, Gibson L-48, Guild A-50, etc.) - lightweight, good-sounding, serviceable instruments made to a standard most of the old ones didn't approach...
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