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The guitar looks beautifully made, and it would be interesting to play - however, it is inaccurate to describe it as a multiscale guitar. The definition of multiscale is having a differing scale length across the strings - the fanned frets follow on from this as a necessity.

If I'm not mistaken the scale length on your guitar is constant across all strings; the frets are angled all to the same degree. As the owner of three 'conventional' multiscale guitars, I'm not sure that this would work for me ergonomically. The reason a fan-fret guitar is so ergonomic when configured correctly for the player is that the fan follows the sweep of the player's arm as it pivots at the elbow; I would be concerned at the degree of hand twist that would be required to play e.g. lower position barres. However, it may work for some players, and I would be interested to try it with an open mind.


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