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Originally Posted by Methos1979 View Post
My Froggy Bottom H-12 came with a hard shell case that I'm pretty sure is made of stainless steel bar stock, lined with lead and covered in black Tolex. Now, the Frog generally does not hop away from the lily pad all that often but when it does I'd like to take it out in a case that doesn't land me in traction for two weeks! The problem is, finding a decent, lightweight case that offers fair protection in the 000-12 size seems to be about impossible. I've been Googling for days and short of getting a custom Carlton made for me, I see to be out of luck. So time to hit up the AGF hive mind. Can anyone point me in a good direction? Would prefer a hard case but a sturdy soft case would work. Wishing the Godin TRIC cases were made for 000-12 fret but no joy.
What are you looking for? What use? Flight case with max protection? For storage around the house. something for gigging locally where you might walk it to your car and a couple of blocks in the rain?

Here is the thing: most 000-14 fret cases are made to also fit 000-12 fretter. You just have to make sure that the neck cradle is far enough back. My Froggy A12 spends as much time in the TKL that came with the McAlister L 14-fret as it does in the Calton that I had custom fitted (and which the Scratch and Dent Mac also fits in). The real question is one of depth, given your H12 also has the deeper sides that my two do. This might work:

Oh, I was going to add that the body curves of your Froggy are not going to be the same say as a Martin 000-12 fret or clone. To get an exact fit you are probably going to have to go custom. However, I've never taken my Caltons on a flight (a friend did borrow one to fly to Texas for a couple of RMMGA gatherings) so are certainly overkill for the use that I make of them. I do like then for when I know that I will need to walk a few blocks in the rain carrying the guitars.

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