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I really kind of depends on what you are into. I agree that many of those books might have cool artists while not showcasing their best work.

One of my very favorites is from lesser known Brian Gore. He has an excellent book out that is an great read even if you don't like the transcriptions (and IMO those are great too). It's called Fingerstyle Guitar/ Lessons in Technique and Creativity. You can look up the music on it by visiting YouTube. This book isn't for you if you are not looking for an interesting read from the founder of International Guitar Night or if you want a ton of well known songs.

BTW, I like your forum handle; obviously you are a fan of Hedges. His son sent out a survey of what fans would like to see best on a website he was developing but it has been probably 2 years since I filled that survey out and then I never heard another word about it. A new Hedges site would be fantastic!

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