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Default Looking for fingerstyle compilations

I'm looking for some more fingerstyle compilation CDs for my collection. I currently have "Masters of Acoustic Guitar" from 1987, "Guitar Fingerstyle" from 1996, and "Touch: Windham Hill" from (2001).

My favorites on those CDs are by Edward Gerhard (Crow), Pat Kirtley (Daisy Goes a Dancing), Benjamin Woolman (Soul Discovery), If I Only Had Wings (D.R. Auten), Bill Mize (The Road Scholar), Muir Woods (Andrew York), Alex De Grassi (Turning: Turning Back) . . . and of course everything by Michael Hedges and Billy McLaughlin.

I dislike the songs by Don Ross, Muriel Anderson, and Doyle Dukes on those albums, though it could just be those songs.

Any recommendations are appreciated!

(I should mention that for full albums, I already have all of Hedges and McLaughlin's stuff, as well as Bruce Cockburn, Al Petteway, Pierre Bensusan, Leo Kottke, John Fahey, and several others)
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