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I'm getting requests for trades, so thought I'd post here.

STRONGLY prefer a full sale. But if it helps grease a deal (since I know most of us have to move one or more to get one in the door!), then I could consider the following. However, I MUST net no less than $7k to get out the doghouse (preferably more), and would ask that trade offers are recent and in excellent+ to as new condition:

Larrivee (-09/-010/Presentation)
Taylor - not my thing, but if something I could sell and net, then would consider
SCGC - F or FS
Collings - blue sitka models; OM deep body
Petros/Charis/Urlacher/similar - any considered
Goodall - CJ, Standard, or Jumbo (most wood combos - cedar/redwood preferred)
Froggy Bottom - M or K (any wood combo)
Lowden - O bodies (cedar or redwood preferred)
Avalon - L bodies
Webber roundbody
Northwood MJ
Anything in cedar or redwood, larger bodies, etc...

Trade value $12.5k.

Larrivee B-19 and T-44
Webber Roundbody
Gibson 1942 Historic Southern Jumbo
Froggy Bottom G-12
Baranik OM
Ryan Nightingale
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