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Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Fantastic thread with great players for sure.

I think it would be nice if people posted what tunings they were in with their videos so that those of us less fortunate players could try and emulate more easily what we see and hear!
Just for the record, the couple of videos I have are:-

'Missus Picky and the Strat Lady' Fylde Orsino 12 String, CGCGCE, Dunlop brass slide
recorded at a local studio who were doing free sessions for local artist at the time.
YouTube link

'Flying Fish' Fylde Oberon, CGCGCD
'record' video made on Sony Camcorder. As I can't read the dots and don't use tab these videos are aides memoires.
Fylde Oberon
Fylde Orsino 12
Harmony Sovereign (1960s)
Epiphone (Japanese, 1971)
Vintage AMG1 resophonic
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