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Originally Posted by Alytw View Post

Thanks for posting the review. You mentioned that the centre of the note wasn’t quite clear, could you get a gauge on the intonation?

I had the sugar strings on and the high e was almost a semi-tone off but the note centre was quite good. They are very bright and have a bit of squeak, but I liked them enough to give them another try.

I love that Mimmo is making a different type of string- quirks and all. I like the tension balance between strings. Hopefully some of the quirks get sorted out. He mentioned that he has a new formulation for the Sugars that squeak less.


I'd like to be more specific on the 'note center', but really can't: it's just a feeling that the true pitch is unclear to my ear, and to the elec. tuner as well.
That's been my impression with the Aquilas I've tried so far, *except*
for the High-G tuning set with "Bionylon" trebles- those seemed promising.
The Perla set I have here is said to be the same material, but for standard
tuning. I'll try those next and put my thoughts on them here afterwards.

My set for the last while, for reference:

EJ45 1, 2, 4, 5; Knobloch medium fluorocarbon 3; EJ43 6.
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