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Default Aquila Ambra 2000 treble strings

I had these on recently for a few days; long enough, I think, to give them a fair shake. The basic sound of the top two strings is quite nice, a small but definite
improvement over D'Add EJ45s in that way, with more sustain, as well.
They don't respond as well to vibrato I think, and the basic sound is not
so malleable as the D'Adds.

On my guitar they don't play adequately in tune, and the 'center of the note' is not really clear: not just my ear, because when I checked with
an electronic tuner it had a confused response to the pitches, also.

The first string broke twice before I was able to finally get up to standard
pitch, and I've had this happen before w/ this brand, FWTW.
So a little frustrating.. I will try the basses from this set eventually,
and I also have a Perla set with 'Bionylon' trebles to try.

Adding: this was the 144C light tension set, and they felt about like EJ45s;
definitely not lower tension than them, despite the labeling.
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