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Originally Posted by Steve Kinnaird View Post
Hey Bruce, thatís a very satisfying rosette. Nicely done.

Thanks, Steve.

My rosettes have been Martin centric for many years, mostly. There was a brief foray into using burl insets, but I never loved them, and they are not as stiff as I think a rosette should be to control sound hole lip flutter. Then I started making L00 inspired guitars and riffing on Gibsonís single ring rosettes. I have a lot of different purfling strips that can be recombined in visually interesting ways. All this leads to my point: This is the first Martin-esque guitar I have made using a Gibson single ring inspired rosette. Because the surface area of the top is larger on their guitar than it would be an an L00, I hade the ring thicker than I would have on the smaller guitar.
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