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Yes, it's true. This is the identical material used by only one other pick company in the world -- genuine DuPont Vespel polyimide, the most expensive plastic on the planet -- and trust me, it makes one heckuva guitar pick. We charge only $33.95 for these, and we always pay for FREE SHIPPING!!

In fact we offer four (4) teardrop models below 1.0 mm -- .90, .75, .60 and now our new little guy at only .50 mm. And no surprises or "gotchas!" at checkout, ringing you up for another $5.00 for shipping once we have our hand on your wallet. Oh, and we charge only $10.00 for international shipping, less than half what most other pick companies charge.


Remember that we NEVER charge for shipping -- never. In fact we consider it a personal insult to bait-and-switch an unsuspecting customer who buys a pick only to go to checkout and get dinged for $4.50. Really? For something that doesn't weigh anything? What kind of people do that? Well, we're not those kind of people, and that's why we have an industry-wide reputation for world-class customer service.


It's amazing stuff, this brown stuff -- amazingly, ridiculously absurdly overpriced stuff. Very few are brave or stupid enough to venture into these exhorbitant waters, but we're just stupid enough to do it -- again. we've been working with this material for five years now and have figured out a way to make a nickel (but not much more than that) out of it. It's an awesome material, and we're thrilled to welcome it back into the CLP family.

Celebrating Five Years in Business!

See photos of our new red casein teardrop inlaid with genuine Mother-of-Pearl, an industry first:
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