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For those who like super-thin picks, we're the only company in the industry (in the world, far as I know) making genuine DuPont Vespel polyimide picks all the way down to .50 mm thickness. Trust me, you've never in your life played a .50 mm pick as good as this one. If not, send it back. Also, we never charge for freight, always offer FREE SHIPPING on every order, so no wonderful surprises on checkout. In fact we consider it a personal insult to people to charge $5.00 shipping on checkout for something that doesn't weigh anything. Really? Not here.

A lot peeps are completely unaware we're doing this kind of work, even though we've been at it for more than five years.

We also make this same model at .60 mm and .75 mm. And we have all three models on the shelf and ready for immediate shipment.

You'll find all three of them here:

Thanks for reading. Safety and health to you and your loved ones.

Scott & Rhonda
Celebrating Five Years in Business!

See photos of our new red casein teardrop inlaid with genuine Mother-of-Pearl, an industry first:

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