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Yes, we sell genuine Vespel polyimide picks. With speed bevels. In thinner tolerances. And lower prices. AND -- always -- FREE SHIPPING.

Example: A .90 mm Vespel teardrop, with speed bevel and free shipping = $33.95.

Or a .90 mm Vespel polyimide large triangle, with speed bevel and free shipping = $34.50.

Our Online Store:

You don't have to pay $40.00 to have a genuine Vespel polyimide pick delivered to your door. You don't have to get dinged and baited-and-switched for an additional $5.00 on checkout when you're already paying $35.00. You don't have to buy a .90 mm Vespel pick when what you really want is a.75 mm (which only WE make).

We're in our sixth year of business. You've read the reviews. You've heard the buzz. We've EARNED our reputation for world-class products coupled with world-class products. Only two pick companies in the world manufacture and market Vespel picks. We're the other guys. Give us a try. See why thousands have purchased CLP products that they're nuts about.

Not only that. We also make the world's best casein picks. All exclusive materials that no one else in the world uses. Check this out:

And this might shock you. This pick sounds as good as it looks.

Our Online Store:

I'll close with this:
We are the only pick company in the world that sells ALL the leading pick materials in industry under one roof. THE ONLY ONES!

Thanks for Reading,
Scott Memmer
Celebrating Five Years in Business!

See photos of our new red casein teardrop inlaid with genuine Mother-of-Pearl, an industry first:

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