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Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
The room is a concert or dance hall with a proper stage at one end which is the black curtailing you can see in the background of these pics. I have my table on the stage and do think the Kinnaird have the advantage on me where placement is concerned, a double whammy given what relatively nice guys they are! ...
Thanks Bruce, but..."relatively" nice? Relative to what, one wonders? Relative to, oh I don't know, relative to a sore throat? Or relative to a speeding ticket? Or relative to most other Texans, or...or...hahaha, this is fun!
All nonsense aside, it was very nice getting to spend some time with you and get to know Linda a bit better. Looking forward to next time!

Originally Posted by SJ VanSandt View Post
Man, that's enough to make me break down and get on Instagram!...
Stan, go ahead and break down. Resistance is futile. See ya there.

Originally Posted by TuckerRE View Post
There is a Kinnaird guitar lovers Facebook page..happy to get anyone here access to it.
Oh, pardon me "kinnaird guitar owners" .. same difference.
Very kind, Bob. We missed you this weekend!

Thanks all,


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