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Originally Posted by tbirdman View Post
I was seriously considering the C9 or the C10 especially since I had rewards $ from MF to use, but I found a used 2016 Amalio Burguet Vanessa in very good condition with a hard case for $600 including shipping. I figure this would be a fine inexpensive classical guitar to start out with. I understand these guitars to be handmade in Spain and have a very good reputation. This is a solid woods cedar top with Indian Rosewood back and sides.

Any advice on strings?
My Burguet sounds great with RC Recital or Ramirez (Both Medium tension) but another set that sounds good with much lower tension overall is the Augustine Black basses with either classic or Imperial trebles (I prefer the higher tension Imperials)

Enjoy the guitar :-)
Burguet AC-007 (2003 - Cedar/Rosewood)
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