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Originally Posted by Acousticado View Post
I wonder if there’s a foot controller.
I don't think there is - there doesn't appear to be any sort of port for one. And with today's tech, it seems that being able to set the in / out boundaries and do the punch in automatically is more common, with a foot switch a backup option, and there doesn't appear to be any such functionality in the app or, AFAICT, in the recorder. So my guess is that type of function is just beyond what they were going for with this, which would be easy to understand since they're clearly over comprehensive features.

I'm more comfortable with the footswitch approach, which I used with my old Fostex deck, than I am with the auto in / out approach, which I've used with Garage Band, but either way being able to overdub a small part of the recording rather than have to re-record a whole track, is pretty useful.