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Originally Posted by hubcapsc View Post
Once you have a bunch of mp3s in your FileBrowser directory how do you tell your car to start playing which song and what song is "the next song"?

Is bluetooth involved? I burned a bunch of my CDs and recently copied them to my iphone - a directory full of directories containing mp3s. I can navigate to them with my "files" icon on my phone and pick a song to play. When that song is done, there's not a "next" song.
Filebrowser has a "Home" folder for your phone that you use to import your songs off your Desktop via wifi sharing. Within that folder you can put another folder for your road songs. The song you select will play via bluetooth to your car. Like with "Files" it will stop after playing that one song.

To get it to play a series of songs, you'd select the ones you want and then there is a "Queue Audio" function which will play them sequentially. That sounds wonkier than it is in practice but it works fine and you only have to do it once and the phone will remember what songs you queued up next time you use the app.
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