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Originally Posted by jpmist View Post
I'm not 100% clear on what exactly you're doing, but simply here to offer a really good File management app for the iPhone I've used for a few years.

I record on two Macs and like to transfer the GarageBand .mp3s to my phone and tablet to play in the car. Thanks to Apple's bizarre lockdown strategy with all music files, I loathe iTunes and refuse to use it.

"FileBrower" does a great job finding my files on the Mini desktop and copying them to it's own FileBrowser folder on my phone and tablet. It's unable to access the iTunes directory but you can access all your pics in Photo as well as every other non-iTunes file.
Once you have a bunch of mp3s in your FileBrowser directory how do you tell
your car to start playing which song and what song is "the next song"? Is
bluetooth involved? I burned a bunch of my CDs and recently copied them to
my iphone - a directory full of directories containing mp3s. I can navigate to them
with my "files" icon on my phone and pick a song to play. When that song is done,
there's not a "next" song.

BTW: A friend had a video on her iphone she wanted me to upload to
youtube... as in' suggestion, we AirDropped the video from
her phone to mine it was an easy and apple-ish way to do the file transfer.

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