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Hey Guys,
Many thanks for the kind words. Tim and I are blessed to have had you join us and some of the newbies will see this is a casual event and we limit the attendees to 50, but those who come are guitar appreciating family members when they leave.

I am organizing a few pictures. I'll try not to repeat any but I plan to send them to Dennis and he can muddle through them so we have a little variety here to share. To give credit to those who took pictures will be almost impossible but I can say they do come from McJammers. This year I took only a few pictures because I played the "grandma" role of Jeremy and Adrianne's daughter. (YAY!) I was pleased they hung around as long as they did.

You will see new faces in pictures. Sharky Dude ... our long time friend from early Florida guitar shows came for the event. What a pleasure it was to see him and his wife hanging around with us. Thank you to Clif and Antoinette for adding them to the fun! A Guitar for Vets rep was here from Findlay, Ohio. My childhood Sunday School friend was here and gone and here again for the first time. My local cousin was here. He has been in the shop before, but only this week has he discover we have a house we actually live in, too. Two couples who were related came. We celebrated a birthday of one lady and Bruce sang Happy birthday backwards to her. We like being different in our song celebrations. Rodger was able to bring his daughter as his side kick as his wife was unable to join him this time.

And .... Coldshot called. We were able to put the mic to the phone and we all heard the chat as a group. The best part is the phone was clear. Our Skypes were always on a delay and muffled. I think we will do calls more often. It was great to hear your voice, Mate!

Hang in there and let's see what we can see after I send out the pictures to Rodger and or Dennis.(Cigarfan)
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McJam Ohio June annual event - contact Tim or me in PM
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