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Originally Posted by Tarpman View Post

BTW, I always felt MacNichols the road trips hurt CA more than helped, and more than one person at CA agreed with me. Same goes for the dealer setups Mike was offering. In truth there is not a whole lot you can do to a CA and insinuating it needs a setup is never good for sales. <<snip>>
Okay, honestly, I don't get this.

Guitars generally *do* need set-ups from the factory "specifications" (this term used loosely)...and the Cargo (my only experiences) was *certainly* no exception.

Sales be how about delivering a product that is fully playable and fully adjustable (set-up-wise) for the purchasing public?

I find road-trips an extremely useful idea, and I have a CF Emerald X7 coming to me this Tuesday to demo. That is a great thing to be able to experience without committing to purchasing a guitar!

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