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Originally Posted by highvibrational View Post
Well, I bet you're a really good guitar player, which is more than I can say for myself.
Unfortunately not!

I didn't want to sound arrogant by saying that I can play "most of the things I want to on guitar". A better way of phrasing it would be "I know that if I'm prepared to put the effort in, I will be rewarded by getting better at playing guitar and, slowly, get nearer to the standard I aspire to be". The key point being that my efforts will be rewarded in a tangible way - I can play a certain song or tune a bit better than I could the week before.

I was just contrasting that with my innate inability to make any sort of consistently pitched vocal noise whatsoever!

People often say to me things like "Ah yes, but listen to Bob Dylan, he can't sing very well..." etc. etc.

As far as I'm concerned, ol' Bob is a wonderful singer and might as well be chief tenor at the Vienna State Opera compared to me. In fact that's probably not a fair comparison if you'd heard my attempt to "sing" through Tales of Yankee Power earlier this week.

I'm genuinely not exaggerating. It's just not a gift I have and no amount of me weeping and wailing will ever change that.
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