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Sure, Ariel has been around for quite some time, making inexpensive copies of various "tried and true" designs, both electric and acoustic. I always got them confused with Aria!

It is certainly worth cleaning up and re-stringing... I'd suggest using some 0000 steel wool and lightly (!) buffing both the fret board and the fret wire, always going with the grain of the wood on the fretboard so as not to leave scratch marks...

Adjust the truss rod (if you don't know how, google it! It isn't rocket science...) and throw a new set of strings on it, and you're good to go! The tuning machines may be a little funky, but if they work, they are good enough to begin with... you can always find a used set of tuning machines for not much $$...
"There was no love, in the backwards glance...
there were no long drawn out good-byes.
There was some pain and some anger,
just beneath the surface,
but her words never matched the look in her eyes.
there was no love..."

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