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Originally Posted by Earl49 View Post
For what you want, the simplest / cheapest choice is an all laminate acoustic guitar. Staying away from solid wood tops solves most of the climate problems for boat life. Keep it in a polyfoam or TRIC case, stowed as low as possible where it stays cooler, and perhaps wrapped in a sleeping bag or blankets to minimize temperature excursions. That is what I did when car traveling with wood guitars, and had no issues. A friend brought a couple of my "spare" guitars down from Alaska in the unconditioned compartment under his RV four years ago, without incident. Granted they did not divert through Death Valley.

Or go with carbon fiber and fear not. Lots of good options from the usual suspects....
Thanks for the input. Very much appreciated. All laminate not on the table, ...yet. i only consider this guitar becsuse of the tone of the one i played and the comfort.and it is a gentle trade on the pocketbook.
You make a very good point though. I sold my incredible Martin 000-18 and my 1991 Martin D16H because of the worry factor. But they were fairly expensive guitars for me.
Couple of CF guitars, Couple of wood guitars
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