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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post
What is the neck on your PRS?

I think the odds are pretty good that most production guitars will hold up fairly well under the conditions noted. After losing a few nice instruments, I gave up on playing the odds with wooden guitars.
Neck is mahogony , full but not clunky. 1-11/16, which is fine for me, i can switch back and forth to 1-3/4 pretty easily.
I know this is the carbon forum, so i wont present more detail except that the top is hybrid x brace with fan frets lower bout if that affects the top with humidity?
I know many of you have switched to only CF and for good reasons. And looking at some signatures, some hold on to at least 1 wood guitar. Maybe something to that.
Anyway, it seems a waist to me to have the Journey if it doesnt get played. Everyone here has given me excellent advise in the past and set me on the path to Carbon Fiber, so even though i am bringing up a trade of CF for wood/laminate (and this is real wood not pressed something with a picture on it) i know ill get the best input here.
Couple of CF guitars, Couple of wood guitars
Bunch of other stuff.
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