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Originally Posted by GuitarLuva View Post
I would be concerned about the solid top for sure. Carbon fiber guitars came a long way over the years. I would certainly suggest, if you can afford one, a full carbon fiber guitar. Emerald, Rainsong, McPherson, etc. you can't go wrong with any of them.
I agree, CF is great. I love my composite accoustics Legacy. The Jouney not so much. It is not getting played much these days. Ive tried every string combo, elixirs 80/20's, aluminum bronze, beefed up the trebles to 13 and 17. Still , no joy. Not expecting dreadnaught sound out of a 00 body. But to my ears a good finger picker , not so good struming. Plugged in is a different ball game, but i dont do that so much anymore. The alternative CF guitars, Rainsong, Mcpherson, Emerald, all fantastic, but more than i want to spend, even used. I can buy the PRS for my journey and maybe 375.00 trade. I dont know , with some humidity pacs and a little care , maybe. ? I sure am spoiled by the CF guitars.
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