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I kept a Ibanez PF10 I got new in the early 90s on a boat for years. Got salt spray on it a couple of times that I wiped off, but generally kept in the case when I wasn't playing it. Played it in the rain once or twice too. I don't think I ever froze or roasted it though. Probably the hottest environment it was ever in (in the case) was 120F in the compartment during the day. Mostly it was in 60 to 70 degree weather.

It still plays great even though I thought I would have ruined it by now. I leave it out on a stand in my office these days and play it whenever the mood strikes or it looks too dusty. It may have a laminate top, but it's probably still one of the best cheap guitars I have ever played.

PS If you don't want to invest in yourself, why should anyone else even bother to try?
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