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Default Tonedexter Training Day

I put a Fishman Matrix Infinity in my J-45 and I took some time today to make some new wave maps. I used an SM81 and did all of the recommended mic positions. I made all of the wave maps in slot 22 and transferred them to open locations.

I got one that sounded better than any wave map I have heard yet, and put that in slot 15. After I was done, I tried the same mic position as my favorite, and it came out different. It was as close to where I had it before, but it lacked the warmth and fullness that the one in slot 15 has.

It still sounds great, and it's very usable, but I couldn't duplicate the previous one. I deleted it and tried again, and it sounded about the same as the most recent. I guess trying multiple takes in the same position can yield slightly different results.

Be patient and try everything you can. My previous favorite position was up top at 12". This time down below at 12" sounded best, but I wasn't able to do any better back to back. I'm happy enough with slot 15, and there are a couple more that are really good as well.

I remain very excited about the Tonedexter. I made a couple with the Schatten HFN today too and those sounded really good. It's not as drastic of an improvement as the Matrix, but it's still better to my ears than the raw pickup.

I'd suggest using slot 22 to train and then transfer to open slots. Try different positions, and experiment with new ones. Try the same position multiple times and keep the best one. It's easy to move them, and quick to delete and set up a new one.
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