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Originally Posted by Willie Voltaire View Post
If yours is anything like mine, your other guitars are going to see a lot less playing time. Congrats!!

Thanks Willie. The 0-15 Westside has so much charm, it would be very difficult to let it go, the EC on the other hand, great guitar but I just seem to prefer mahogany, weíll see.

The LG-2 is more lush than I thought, doesnít have that J45 dryness that I was immediately expecting, strings are new tonight though, so will see how this develops over the next week or two.

The build and finish are good, donít like the mini Grovers, crying out for some plastic buttons but the pickguard is thin and bevelled, much nicer than the overly thick item on my last J45. A proper set up to lower the action a tad would be welcome but Iíll carry on the with the evaluation for now.
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