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Default NGD : Gibson LG-2 American Eagle

Following on from my Collings vs Martin single-0 thread last week, this has appeared in my house today (I know love, I've no idea how it got here either [emoji848][emoji849]). If a 0-18 or Collings 0 was the next target that would mean my Westside Custom would be for the chop. The 0-15 isn't perfect but is such a characterful guitar to play, then I played it with a capo the other night and it was sublime, so it stays. Thoughts then turned to double-oh's [emoji85]

I was pondering the guitars I've had and flipped over the last year, with a modicum of shame, I might add, and realised I was missing Gibson. The short scale, slim taper neck might be my perfect profile but having seemingly moved away from dread/jumbo's, a third J45 seemed to be slightly nonsensical. Never had a small Gibson so tried a tentative LG-2 search in some auction site familiar to some and saw this.

Cue loads of AGF thread searches for them and it seems a lot of people really rate them, so took a punt and a lightly used AE from 2018 turned up today. God knows what strings were on it, they may have been Nickel, may have been electric strings but a new set of Gibson Masterbuilt PBs are now on there and first impressions are positive, will probably ditch the PU but will give it a while to settle in with me for now.
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