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Originally Posted by blindboyjimi View Post
I agree with this. Santa Cruz is so consistent. I bought a 1929 00 for $2900 sold it for $2700, bought another a while later for $2900 and sold it for $2850. The 1929s are very consistent and you could always buy another with the same great tone, feel and price. I tried to get used to the saddle spacing but ultimately it didnít work for me. The Don Edwards model has the wider saddle spacing.
this is why i'm so torn. Paul woolson makes some seriously nice guitars. the fact that he doesn't build any electrics any more, and that this is 1/6 might have me having more regrets. i'm sure i could get the woolson setup better, and if i only play that i could get used to it again. there was a time frame when i didn't play the SCGC at all much.
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