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Originally Posted by laughingcolors View Post
due to financial reasons i need to sell one of my two guitars.
a) woolson soundcraft jazz hollowbody (1 of 6 made ) i love the touches of this guitar, the build quality, the body is a bit big for me and the neck is too much of a short thick neck for me. it sounds good though.

b) my santa cruz 1929 000. i understand these don't hit the market much. its such a joy to play- but its so simplistic looking due to it trying to emphasis the 1929 look. its super light, the neck and body are perfect, it gets really loud and bassy, and quiet when i need it too- like a martin d35 or 28.

however, i'm not sure how good the 1929 would be in a live situation or with a band. both guitars i paid about the same amount of cash for. i know i can't go wrong with either. part of me really wants to keep the woolson, but my pref. for the neck has really changed after playing the SC more.

Which would you sell?
so to me it sounds like you like the way the the Woolson looks and is made.
But you like the way the SC plays and sounds. To me I would always choose a player over a looker.
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