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Default Bolt-on bridge on Framus lifting - help needed


I just got this old Framus acoustic to use as a travel guitar. It is made with a bolt-on bridge (and it is supposed to be able to handle steel strings), but when I bring it up to tension the bridge lifts a little in the back as you can see in the 3 photos posted here: So I would like to ask you guys what I can do about it.

My own ideas are:

1) Tighten the two bolts in the bridge, but I'm not sure that will help since I don't know if there is sufficient "resistance". It is however possible to tighten them further, so maybe...
2) Put a nut on each of the two bolts inside the guitar and then tighten the bolts.
3) Try to get some kind of glue under the bridge...

Or something else - what would you recommend?

Thanks for your help!
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