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Default I like the way you think

Originally Posted by brianmay View Post
Not for me. I have song in my head and generally have a go at working it out - interspersed with stuff I know. Eventually it's there and I've enjoyed the journey.

I never call it practice because it's a pleasure and I don't do it for any other reason than I want to . . .

It's been like this for the last 55 years I've played (at) guitar.

It's one of Life's pleasures and long may it continue . . .
Well said (brianmay)- sometimes I think we spend too much time obsessing on little things like strings, picks, bridge pins, and a host of other "enhancements" to our guitars and not nearly enough time just enjoying the music and the journey of learning. Picking up and playing a guitar (any guitar) makes the day better, relieves stress, strengthens the old brain and brings joy to the heart. For me, I've tried many learning techniques, some worked some didn't. The important thing is to keep playing and keep searching for the method that works best for you.
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