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Originally Posted by sirwhale View Post
I can say that these are fast becoming my favourite strings.

There is another version of these strings called Granato which have a very slightly larger gauge for the trebles, and different ratios in the basses for a more flamenco style sound.

I think these will be my next experiment.
Check out Martin's 'Magnifico' strings....they've blown my mind! A result of Martin-Aquilla collaboration, they're similar to Runbinos but are not exactly the same...

my experience has been that the trebles settle into pitch faster than any string I've ever played, and the tone is THE tone I've been seeking on nylon-string guitar for decades...I've played guitars, violins and banjos strung with gut and they sounded amazing, but gut has so many practical disadvantages....

The Martin Magnifico strings sound very gut-like to my ears.

I now want to investigate the Aquilla string line, to see if any of their offerings are similar to the Magnificos, chiefly because Aquilla offers partial sets, and the bass strings always need replacing more often than the trebles.
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