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Originally Posted by Mandobart View Post
This is me exactly, except I'm still able to read Arial 11 point font and I just print one copy. I practice from the sheet until I've memorized the words - I never bring my binders of songs out for a performance.
You must be one of them younger fellahs! Still got both eyesight and memory!

I used to be able to memorise lyrics, but no longer.

Also, my trio and I have an pretty horrendously large repertoire.

My cheat sheets also have notes about arrangements so we know who does what and when.

I use a music stand but have it lower than my guitar so it doesn't come between me and the audience and I tend to just glance down at it as and when necessary, rather than reading everything.

Thankfully muscle memory still ensures he progressions.

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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