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Originally Posted by Riverwolf View Post
.....I recently started attending an acoustical jam.
Only then did I notice that I play most everything slower than the original.
But that is the way I like it. IT IS my cover.
Yep, if you want to hear note-for-note fidelity, better go get the studio album, 'cuz in most cases the original artist won't even repeat the song note-for-note. In my case, due mostly to my bluegrass background and not so great vocal delivery, I cover most tunes faster than the original.

A couple summers ago I was camping with some friends who are old folkies who can play and sing well. One of them wanted to play "Teach Your Children" which we did a passable version of. A non- musician in the bunch said "no, it didn't sound the same." I couldn't help my response to her "well let's see, none of us are David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash or Neil Young; Jerry Garcia is permanently unable to play steel with us, I'm picking mandolin instead of guitar, but yeah other than that I couldn't hear any difference."
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