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Originally Posted by brianmay View Post
Not for me. I have song in my head and generally have a go at working it out - interspersed with stuff I know. Eventually it's there and I've enjoyed the journey.
Originally Posted by BobbyMocha View Post
If I have a song that I want to learn/play along with, I immediately find the chord sheets for it online and print those out. Then, find a decent tutorial (or two) on YouTube to work out the tough parts.
Kinda like these answers.
If I play a song for someone they will know what song it is. It will be that close.
But no closer, because it is MY COVER of the song.
I never try to sound note for note like anybody.
I recently started attending an acoustical jam.
Only then did I notice that I play most everything slower than the original.
But that is the way I like it. IT IS my cover.
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